That’s what I need


If I had one of these nobody would dare to give me any crap


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14 thoughts on “That’s what I need

  1. Kragenhai

    Don’t know about that! Ever tried reversing one of those things at high speed through a meadow full of cows?

  2. Larry Gifford

    Me too!

  3. I,sure as hell,would not mess with you!!

  4. adinparadise

    Awesome machine, Sarchasm. ;)

    • Sarchasm2

      I will try to find the solution to your sign in blog problem today

  5. Hell yes!!!

  6. Love it!

  7. The seat looks comfy on your terror-mobile.

  8. twolips2

    Nice wheels, Sarch! Long way to fall down, though. Attach a lawn mower at the back and wife will love you for longer than forever.

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