A Urine Powered Generator : Maker Faire Africa

Possibly one of the more unexpected products at Maker Faire Africa this year in Lagos is a urine powered generator, created by four girls. The girls are Duro-Aina Adebola (14), Akindele Abiola (14), Faleke Oluwatoyin (14) and Bello Eniola (15).

1 Liter of urine gives you 6 hours of electricity.

A Urine Powered Generator : Maker Faire Africa.

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14 thoughts on “A Urine Powered Generator : Maker Faire Africa

  1. Another African dream LMAO

  2. Ingenious.
    I could not have come up with this, not in a million years – they are way ahead of me.
    I was going to make a joke, but then I didn’t ;-)

  3. Pee Power?

  4. Your taking the p*ss! :)

  5. I am drinking copious amounts of water at the moment…I could light a whole town!

  6. Had to read the article carefully to make sure you weren’t messing with our heads (wouldn’t put that past you :) ). I think these girls are brilliant and I’m sure someone can come up with a way to make it a little less explosive.

  7. Chubby Chatterbox

    Why isn’t this revolutionizing the world?

  8. At first it seemed wonderful until I read the comments after the original article.
    This is not a new idea at all.

  9. Rumncoke

    Might as well use a carripak of “Kasteel Light”. Same ingredients, and, apparently tastes the same I believe… :)

  10. The East Coast needs this.

  11. Hi Roly although i am following you I don’t ‘get’ you :(

  12. Ah–sure. Whatever floats your boat, although never mind young girls, the geriatric group might have lots more to offer. Do your research. I’m surprised you slipped on this one. LOL.

  13. I’m totally speechless!

  14. I love some of the scoffing comments at that site. One wise fellow observes that you can’t store solar energy, for example. Oh. so my solar-powered lights are an optical illusion, are they?
    The wee lassies have done well, I’d say.

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