How Zuma can spread Nkandla cheer

Mr President, how about giving all South Africans just a little bit of what you gave yourself? asks Max du Preez.Pretoria – A man’s home is his castle, they say, and from what I’ve heard, your castle at Nkandla means more to you than just a place to stay the night, Mr President.I’m happy for you.You have always presented yourself as a man of the people – unlike your predecessor, your supporters say. But is it somehow possible that you have forgotten that there are millions of South Africans who also dream of a place they can call home and where they and their children can feel safe and content?

via How Zuma can spread Nkandla cheer – Pretoria News | Opinion.

via How Zuma can spread Nkandla cheer.

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4 thoughts on “How Zuma can spread Nkandla cheer

  1. Have you plans on what you’ll spend your millions on?!

  2. All I can do is shake my head. :-(

  3. When you see a leader like that, it’s not really hard to imagine why our country is in the state that is currently in

  4. Happy New Year to you & your family Roly!

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